Exa Product Development granted Research Service Provider Status by AusIndustry

Exa Product Development granted Research Service Provider Status by AusIndustry

For a third year, Exa Product Development has become a registered Research Service Provider (RSP No. 127391). Our clients may be eligible to claim the R&D Tax Incentive for research and development activities performed by our team.

Exa has been vetted by AusIndustry, on behalf of Innovation Australia, as being capable of providing scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform research and development (R&D) on behalf of eligible companies. Our registration process satisfied strict criteria under the R&D Tax Incentive legislation relating to our team members, facilities, capability, and capacity to provide R&D services.

The Exa team can now offer expert R&D resources in the fields of:
  • 4003 Biomedical Engineering
  • 4006 Communications Engineering
  • 4007 Control Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics
  • 4008 Electrical Engineering
  • 4009 Electronics, Sensors and Digitial Hardware
  • 4014 Manufacturing Engineering
  • 4017 Mechanical Engineering
  • 4601 Applied Computing
  • 4606 Distributed Computing and Systems Software
  • 4609 Information Systems
  • 4611 Machine Learning
  • 4612 Software Engineering

This enables small and mid-size organisations to conduct R&D activities without having to invest in specialist staff or infrastructure to support such activities. When partnering with Exa as an RSP, clients are not required to meet the $20,000 expenditure threshold for the R&D Tax Incentive.

Our RSP status comes at one of the most exciting times for Australian technology investment, development, and manufacturing. We are proud to play a role in our Country’s economic recovery, but more importantly, contribute to the businesses and technologies that will position Australia as a leading nation in technology and innovation.

In consultation with your trusted financial expert, you can learn more about the R&D tax incentive here. For grants, funding, and support for your business, visit business.gov.au.

To explore how your project may benefit from working with a Research Service provider, contact Exa’s General Manager, Sarah Bardwell.

Exa Product Development granted Research Service Provider Status by AusIndustry
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