About Us

At EXA Product Development it is our mission to assist in the successful development of technologies and products that impact our society and our environment in a positive way.

It is our vision that this is achieved through collaborative and open engagements between organisations of all shapes and sizes, where nothing is off limits, assumptions will be challenged, facts will prevail, potential will be realised, and all will enjoy benefits of the outcomes.

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Stephen Leahey, BEng (Hons) Electronics

Director, Product Development Consultant

14 years experience in product development. An experienced, enthusiastic, motivated team player. Experience from many industries including automotive, communications, industrial, and medical. Substantial business development, sales, consulting, team leadership, management, and planning experience, supplemented with significant experience in high pressure, highly collaborative, fast paced, agile development environments.

EXA Product Development is Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia